Karaoke in the kitchen with a BT thermometer speaker

The Bluetooth Speaker with Roasting Thermometer plays music and monitors temperature. Pre-recorded voice alerts keep the cooking on track.

Take over the airwaves in the kitchen and put the cooking to your own playlist.
Take over the airwaves in the kitchen and put the cooking to your own playlist. Sharper Image

The kitchen is not a quiet place. Nor should it be; the clanging of pots and pans is the sound of good things to come. However, cacophony alone doesn't have to be the soundtrack to deliciousness. In fact, the sounds of the kitchen are often accompanied by music playing. Somewhere, perhaps tucked away in a corner, there is a speaker with music coming out of it. And voice alerts.

If that doesn't sound like your kitchen, the Bluetooth Speaker with Roasting Thermometer ($90) looks to change that. The rechargeable portable speaker takes center stage by incorporating not only a probe thermometer to monitor food, but pre-recorded voice alerts as well.

The diminutive kitchen speaker measures about 7 inches across, and pairs with smartphones and tablets. It can also operate as a speakerphone -- no small feat when it comes to messy hands in the kitchen.

In a room where so many multipurpose tools reside, now even the music speaker is getting in on the act. This sounds like a good thing; thermometers and music and hands-free tools are all very useful in the kitchen. Now, not only will the airwaves in the kitchen be filled with the scent of deliciousness, but a playlist of your own choosing as well.

ViaCraziest Gadgets.

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