Kaleidoscope and Global Village conflict: the final word

Kaleidoscope and Global Village conflict: the final word

Greg Landweber, author of Kaleidoscope, offers these comments regarding the previously reported conflict between Kaleidoscope and Global Village's FAX software:

"There is a bug in Kaleidoscope 1.6 that causes a crash whenever you click on a scroll bar in any of the Global Village FAX windows. This problem happens with all color schemes, and only when you click on a scroll bar. You should be able to FAX without problems if you avoid clicking any scroll bars. I have just fixed this conflict, and I hope to release a new version of Kaleidoscope in a week or two with the fix. That new version will also fix problems with Alpha, WindowShade, Church Windows, and several other scrollbar-related problems similar to the one described above." It will also fix the conflict with WunderBar.


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