JVC's flash-based camcorders wink into existence

Dual SD slots is a nice new feature JVC offers.

JVC Everio GZ-MS130
JVC offers two SD slots in some of its flash camcorders. JVC America

JVC replaces its SD-card-based Everio GZ-MS100 with the MS120 and MS130; the MS120 has two slots, comes in black, blue, and red, and the MS130 has a single slot plus 16GB built-in memory and comes in black. They both feature a nice rollover capability that automatically overflows recording from one media to the next when necessary.

The company didn't provide any real specs on the products, so I'm going to assume they're the same as the MS100--a 1/6-inch 680,000-pixel CCD and 35X zoom lens--and give you a big ugly picture (above). They'll be available in Feburary for $299.95 (MS120) and $349.95 (MS130)

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by Brian Bennett