JVC nightstand pulls double duty as iPhone dock

This fancy bedside table packs powerful speakers, so you can blast your tunes while recharging your iPhone or iPod.

The JVC N-BX3.
The JVC N-BX3. Akihabara News

Like to recharge your iPhone overnight? Listen to tunes while getting dressed? Set the mood during a romantic evening? Are you, perhaps, a fan of monochromatic art-deco furniture?

Also, do you have more money than you know what to do with?

JVC has the product for you: the N-BX3 iPhone/iPod nightstand speaker. No, it's not a speaker that sits on your nightstand; it is a nightstand, one with a pretty powerful audio pedigree.

The N-BX3 comes in black or white (to match your iDevice, natch) with a glass tabletop and front-facing iPhone/iPod dock. It also packs an FM tuner, a pair of 30-watt speakers, and SRS StudioSound HD for room-filling audio.

The price for this functional piece of furniture? About 40,000 yen, which works out to about $525 U.S. Given what you'd pay for a nice ordinary nightstand from a decent furniture store, I suppose that's not entirely crazy.

On the other hand, the N-BX3 is definitely not to my taste. Words like "tacky" and "garish" spring to mind when I look at it. Of course, my bedroom decor is all wood; this would be a much better fit in a more modern-looking room.

In fact, forget your bedside; this might actually work better in a living room alongside a couch or chair.

Alas, if you live stateside, you won't be able to find out: for the moment, the N-BX3 is available only in Japan.

Of course, if you want a combination radio/speaker-dock/charger beside your bed, there are any number of products designed to sit on your nightstand, not take the place of it. The iHome iA63 is one good option .

What do you think of the N-BX3? Is it something you'd consider owning?


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