JVC looks to the trees for latest earbud design

New model is made with birch.


Woodworkers have had a field day with the design of various consumer electronics products, with sylvan finishes in everything from TVs and PCs to cameras and keyboards . Even J. Lo has gone with the grain in her signature line of USB drives.

But wood in earbuds? It hardly seems worth the trouble for JVC's new HP-FX500 ear buds, which Slippery Brick says are made with birch, as well as hybrid drivers that include a "dampening gel" to improve stability and noise cancellation. Then again, this is a company that's known for its unconventional use of lumber in its audio equipment--so unconventional, in fact, that it even makes loudspeaker cones out of wood that's been soaked in sake , as fellow Craver Michael Kanellos found first-hand on his last trip to Japan.

There's no word whether these earbuds have been so fortunate.


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