Just what the world needs--another amateur guitar helper

MP3 player 'trains' amateur riffers

The world has another gadget to help amateur guitar players--which isn't necessarily a good thing. A few months back, it seemed that products aimed at Slash wannabes were coming out every day, from Volkswagens to air guitar T-shirts. It was enough to make us wonder if digital technology wasn't such a great idea after all.

Now we hear of a new MP3 player for musicians from Tascam, which basically slows down tunes so you can play along at your own pace. You can also edit out the guitar parts of songs, allowing you to fill the gaps with your own riffs (shudder).

Fareastgizmos says this is the first player designed specifically for musicians, which of course isn't true. If you're a real musician, for example, you might want to check out the Boss "Micro BR" recorder. And if you're not, you could do your neighbors a huge favor and take up chess.

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