Just another excuse to eat ice cream

Nemco's Cone Baker turns out 60 freshly baked waffle cones an hour.

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If you were reading the Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets blog a couple of days ago, you may have seen a post about an ice cream scoop that creates stackable ice cream pucks. If you were amused by the idea of creating mile-high ice cream cones (and you haven't already left to get the Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop), then chances are that you'll get a kick out of this Cone Baker by Nemco.

The industrial-strength waffle-cone baker preheats in 12 minutes and creates up to 60 cones per grid-surface per hour (that's 120 ice cream cones per hour if you use the dual-grid model). And in case you're an impatient cook, it has a countdown clock and a chime to let you know when your cone is finished.

If you've already packed away your ice cream scoops for the fall season, then there's another reason to celebrate: the Cone Baker can also be used for waffle cookies, taco shells, and crepes. Well, that might be a reason to celebrate if you can get past the price tag of $785.95.

If spending that much to get your waffle cone fix is out of the question, maybe you could set up shop on your front porch and get your neighbors to foot a portion of the bill. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

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