Just a fiber-optic jellyfish in the ocean of your pool

Floating, color-changey jellyfish!


There are certain gadgets that make me wish I had a swimming pool. Namely, pirate ships , remote-controlled water cannons , and Robo-Shark . Then there's this one, the floating jellyfish pool light.

They're pretty much completely awesome; the top lights up and changes color , and the tentacles are made of glowing fiber optics. They'd be the perfect decoration for all your pool parties! Unfortunately, they aren't remote-controlled, nor do they squirt water at people. That's why I classify them as "pretty much completely awesome" rather than "completely awesome."

The price, at $59 a pop, is also not particularly ideal. Oh, well.

But on an unrelated note, when I think of "jellyfish" and "parties," I typically think of that String Cheese Incident song that describes the aftermath of a tequila-infused night with the lyrics "now all I really want from life is to crawl back into bed/on account that my brain is just a jellyfish in the ocean of my head." Kind of profound imagery there.

(Via Uber-Review)

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