Judge allows texting suit against T-Mobile to move forward

Lawsuit alleges that T-Mobile allows subscribers few options to avoid text messages.

A class action lawsuit against T-Mobile received new life yesterday after a Seattle federal judge ruled that it could move forward. The suit, which comes as text messages fees are on the rise , alleges that T-Mobile is allowing subscribers few options to avoid spam text messages. Since customers are charged for all incoming texts, whether solicited or not, the suit argues that subscribers must either eat the costs or end their service contracts early, which could result in an early termination fee of up to $175.

While some other carriers let customers block text messages completely, T-Mobile does not offer such an option due to "system restrictions."

Instead, subscribers most log in to their online T-Mobile account to set messaging filters. In a statement to RCR Wireless News, T-Mobile said it "is committed to providing the best customer experience in wireless and does offer customers the ability to block chargeable text messages, MMS, IM, and e-mail from being sent to their handsets at no additional charge."

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