Journo-prof fired for steamy blog

It was one thing when people got in trouble for writing naughty thoughts in e-mail--who, absent a few subpoenas, wouldn't be susceptible to the medium's seductive, false sense of impermanence?

But the latest trend, getting in trouble for blogs posted to a global audience, is a little harder to understand. Take Michael Gee, a former Boston Herald columnist who, according to an Editor & Publisher report (which credited Boston Sports Media Watch), wrote the following about his summer gig teaching journalism at Boston University:

"Of my six students, one (the smartest, wouldn't you know it?) is incredibly hot. If you've ever been to Israel, she's got the sloe eyes and bitchin' bod of the true Sabra. It was all I could do to remember the other five students. I sense danger, Will Robinson."

Sensing danger is one thing, avoiding it quite another. For posting his steamy blog entry to,Gee lost his summer teaching position at BU.

At least he wasn't teaching in California, where those remaining five students might have made a more lasting impression on Gee by .

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