JooJoo tablet delayed due to screen issues

The device was slated to be delivered to consumers at the end of this month, but Fusion Garage says it will ship a month later due to manufacturing concerns.

The front of the JooJoo has a 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen, camera, and light sensor. Rafe Needleman/CNET

The JooJoo Internet tablet, nee CrunchPad , has been delayed due to a manufacturing issue, Fusion Garage said Friday. The $499 touch-screen device was supposed to be delivered to consumers at the end of this month. But due to an issue that "centers on fine tuning the touch sensitivity of the capacitive screen," according to the manufacturer, it's now expected to be sent March 25.

Preorder customers will get a free JooJoo accessory to compensate for the delay, Fusion Garage added.

The 12.1-inch JooJoo started off as a mobile device envisioned by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. It was known as the CrunchPad until Arrington announced that former TechCrunch partner Fusion Garage had removed his company from involvement in the product.

Fusion Garage, a privately funded start-up founded in 2008, unveiled the Linux-based Web browsing tablet to the media in December. Just days later, TechCrunch filed suit against Fusion Garage in U.S. District Court, alleging that Fusion Garage engaged in activities that "deprived TechCrunch of money and property." The suit also says that Fusion Garage has "gained money and property that rightly belongs to TechCrunch."

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