Jobs shows off iPhone 4's camera, multitasking (video roundup)

Here's a collection of short video highlights from Apple CEO Steve Jobs' WWDC presentation, where he debuted the newest iPhone and the iOS 4 mobile operating system--despite demo glitches.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the company's latest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 4. The new phone features an improved camera, video recording and editing capabilities, video calling, and more. Here are a handful of short video clips from Jobs' presentation. For a complete summary of what was announced, read our story "WWDC 2010: What you need to know."

iPhone 4 unveiled
Steve Jobs introduces iPhone 4 at the company's World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Features include a new glass and steel design, a built in antenna and a higher resolution screen.

iPhone 4 and FaceTime
The new video chat feature, called FaceTime, works using the iPhone 4's back- and front-facing cameras. It will remain a Wi-Fi-only feature until carriers can catch up with the bandwidth needed.

iPhone 4 video calling
Jobs dials up a pal to demo the iPhone 4's new FaceTime video-calling feature.

iPhone 4 camera features
Jobs reveals details of the new iPhone's front- and rear-facing cameras. New features include more megapixels, an LED flash, and HD video recording.

iMovie comes to the iPhone
Allowing users to edit and export full 720p HD video, Apple's popular video-editing program will now run on iOS 4.

Steve Jobs' demo fail
As he tries to show off features of the new iPhone 4, Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi connection fails twice, bringing his Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to an uncomfortable standstill.

iPhone 4's new gyroscope
Jobs details the latest iPhone's gyroscope feature while showing off his skills at the game Jenga.

Netflix on the iPhone
The movie service announces a free iPhone app for subscribers to search and watch selections from their video library while on the go.

iPhone 4 and WWDC 2010 wrap-up
Apple unveils the latest iPhone 4 and all of its bell and whistles at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco.

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