Jelly Bean spills onto 60 percent of Android devices

At the same time, KitKat's bite has reached almost 2 percent, while Gingerbread is eating up a 20 percent share.


Android Jelly Bean continues to flavor more Android devices.

Analyzing Google Play data from the seven days ending Tuesday, Google's Android developer dashboard pegged Jelly Bean's collective reach at about 60.5 percent. Breaking down those beans, 4.1.x held the highest share with 35.5 percent, followed by 4.2.x with 16.3 percent and Android 4.3 with 8.9 percent

Among other Android versions, Gingerbread retained second place with a 20 percent cut of the action, while Ice Cream Sandwich covered 16.1 percent of all Android devices. The newest Android flavor, KitKat, clawed its way to a 1.8 percent share.

Google's December stats showed KitKat on 1.1 percent of all Android devices tracked at Google Play, which means its gains have been slow so far. But more device makers and mobile carriers have been announcing KitKat updates, so the newest version of Android should see faster growth as 2014 progresses. screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

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