JBL debuts OnBeat iPad speaker dock

JBL has unveiled the OnBeat, a new speaker dock that accommodates the iPad and other iOS devices.

The JBL OnBeat will be available in April for $149.99. JBL

Following in the footsteps of Altec Lansing, which released its Octiv Stage iPad speaker dock last year, JBL has announced an iPad speaker dock of its own: the OnBeat.

Like Altec's competing product, the OnBeat has a swiveling mechanism that allows you to dock your iPad--or any other iOS portable device, including the iPhone and iPod Touch--and turn it vertically (portrait mode) or horizontally (landscape mode). And like the Octiv Stage, the OnBeat will also retail for $149.99 when it's released in April.

JBL mentions that the OnStage has a composite video output for sending video from your iPad to a TV, but it doesn't appear to have the tilt capabilities of the Altec dock. We look forward to having a closer look--and listen--as soon as we get a review sample.

Note: Though JBL doesn't says whether the unit will be compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2, we think the iPad 2 should fit just fine in the dock. However, we'll wait for JBL to confirm that.

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