JazzMutant's multitouch music controller

Music controller manufacturer Jazz Mutant releases their Dexter controller this week.

Photo of JazzMutant Dexter
The perfect tool for mixing that Deanna Troi tribute album you've been working on. Jazz Mutant

Before Apple came along and integrated multitouch-screen technology into the iPhone, one of the first companies to weave multitouch into a commercial product was a boutique music controller company named JazzMutant. Their first product, the Lemur, was an extremely niche (and pricey) product that allowed musicians to use the Lemur's suite of touch-screen tools to play and tweak their music. You know its cool if Bjork takes it out on tour.

Dexter, JazzMutant's latest product, promises to bring multitouch technology to a wider audience. Released just a few days ago, Dexter is aimed at recording studio engineers and music remixers looking for a unique, and hopefully more efficient replacement for a mixing board. If the demo video is any indication, at least it bestows onto its user the design appeal of a Star Trek: TNG control panel. Price looks to be around $3,600. Ouch.

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