Japanese shirt has stink prevention buttoned up

New garments for men called Otoko Kaoru have collars that give off a pleasing rose and menthol fragrance so you can (hopefully) smell as good as you look.

smelling shirt
These will go great with the French Fry-scented tie I got for Valentine's Day! Yamaki

Forget curing cancer or putting people on Mars; the new pinnacle of human achievement is a line of high-tech shirts out of Japan.

The garments, called Otoko Kaoru, have special rose-scented micro-capsules in the collar which, when they come in contact with the skin, release a (presumably manly) fragrance. That way, the wearer smells, well, like something, all day long. The Japanese seem to really like high-tech hygienic clothes .

Otoko Kaoru translates literally to "the good smelling man," which explains why last time I was in Tokyo people kept yelling that every time I walked into a room. The name will likely sell more shirts than my line, "Anata no Musume no Tame Ni Kite Ire," or "I've come for your daughters." Still not sure why that didn't take off.

The shirt gives off a rose and menthol scent, and there appear to be a few different styles, too. The site says the fragrance can last up to 10 washes, so that's a good year's worth of smell-good in my book.

The shirts will cost about $35 a pop and according to The Earth Times, if the line is successful, expect pajamas and polo shirts to follow. Sadly there are no plans to bring the shirts across the Pacific yet, but if the tech works as advertised and the shirts take off, I could see these on a rack at Wal-Mart finer retailers by the end of the year.

A rose by any other name is called doing the damn laundry. Yamaki

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