Japanese fridge takes its vitamins

Hitachi has come up with a refrigerator that uses vitamin C to keep mold and decay at bay.

Six doors and vitamin C. Hitachi

This new Hitachi R-Y6000 refrigerator dispenses vitamin C in an effort to keep fruits and vegetables from rotting. Apparently fruits and veggies, like us, need vitamin C to stay healthy.

We already have smart refrigerators that tell us when we are running low on certain items, so perhaps this concept isn't as strange as it sounds. If my fridge wants to moonlight as a pharmacist, so be it.

I don't remember ever seeing another fridge that involved vitamins in its routine, but that's what is apparently what is happening here. By dispensing vitamin C, the fridge prevents mold, while delaying the rapid decay of meats and fish--or something like that.

If you know Japanese, you might be able to glean a few other details from Hitachi's product page. Or you can be like the rest of us and pick out the details while looking at the pictures. With six doors, it sure does own the room. Now the only question that remains is: why don't we have these vitamin dispensers installed in all of our appliances?

(via Craziest Gadgets)

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