JamVOX: Karaoke for guitarists

A new desktop USB audio card called the JamVOX allows guitarists to use their computers to learn guitar solos and practice them over their favorite songs.

Photo of Vox JamVox guitar USB interface.
The JamVOX hardware lets you call upon the guitar-winged gods of rock to rain down a firestorm of fret-tapping fury! It's also a USB audio card. Vox

Are you a guitarist with just enough talent to shun Guitar Hero, but too little to form your own Kiss cover band? Boy, do we have the product for you.

The JamVOX is a hardware and software combo that outfits your computer with a tiny, badass VOX amp USB sound card and a software package with virtual amplifiers and effects (ala Guitar Rig) that helps you mute or solo the guitar parts from your favorite songs. Basically, this thing lets you surgically remove your guitar heroes from their songs, and replace them with your own ham-fisted shred fest.

The JamVOX system is due out in September, with a suggested retail around $350. Video after the break.

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