Jamo i200: iPod speakers with Danish class

Design matches sound

Crave UK

iPod speaker systems are a dime a dozen, but Jamo has succeeded in designing a lovely little setup that'll slot nicely under your television or on your bookshelf. Called i200, this trendy iPod dock has been designed by the award-winning Danish team Birgitte Smedegaard and Stine Weiss. These aesthetic goddesses have knocked up a system that looks lovely and sounds equally impressive.

While this is no replacement for a main hi-fi system, it'll happily complement a modern kitchen or bedroom and comes with a quaint little remote control for skipping through tracks while cooking your Sunday roast.

The system is fully wall-mountable and has an output that can be connected to a separate subwoofer if you demand a more Grandma-repelling bass experience. There's an auxiliary input if you're daft enough to buy one without owning an iPod (all right, you might just want to plug a different player in once in a while).

Did we mention it sounds good? With separate woofers and tweeters, most music--excluding death metal classics from the likes of Cannibal Corpse--sound bright and well-defined, considering its small size.

The Jamo i200 is on sale now in white and black finishes and costs around 149 pounds (about $300).

(Source: Crave UK)

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