Jailbreak no longer a dirty word on iTunes, the App Store

Apple is no longer covering up the term "jailbreak" in some App Store and iTunes listings. The behavior was discovered earlier this week.

Before and after the name tweaking.
Before and after the name tweaking. CNET

Following yesterday's discovery that Apple was altering how it displayed apps, music, and other digital content with the name "jailbreak" in the title, the company appears to have relented.

Searching for "jailbreak" now shows the word in full, instead of offering "j*******k."

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on the change, which was spotted by The Next Web.

As mentioned yesterday, the issue was inconsistant. Some digital content that was named jailbreak, or that simply had the word in the title appeared unchanged, while others were not.

Apple's App Store Guidelines document makes no indication that the word is off limits to developers. That seven-page document does, in fact, have a section that covers metadata (which Apple specifies as app names and descriptions), but it only goes into detail about prohibiting apps with descriptions that are "not relevant to the application content and functionality."

In the case of jailbreak, the obvious connection is the practice of gaining deep system-level access using third-party software tools, something Apple considers a no-no, and warranty-voiding behavior.

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