Jaiku gets IM interface

The un-Twitter microblog service finally lets users access it via instant messenger.

Add Jaiku@jaiku.com to your Jabber buddies to get updates via IM. CNET Networks

Jaiku (more), the microblogging service that does more than Twitter but has fewer users, just added IM capability. You can now update your Jaiku account from an IM client, and get updates sent to you on IM from your Jaiku network as well.

This feature rounds out the access system for Jaiku. The service already has a robust mobile phone app for Series 60 phones, and it has a Web site optimized for mobile devices. The Jaiku IM interface works on Jabber, so LiveJournal and Google users can access it. Users of other IM networks (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft), might want to look into a multi-IM client like Trillian (only the paid version supports Jabber) or the Web service Meebo (more).

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