Jaguar XJ Supersport video review: Faster, longer, better, stronger

When David Cameron became PM, he ditched his Lexus hybrid 4x4 and began riding around in something more befitting of our new overlord -- a Jaguar XJ. Recently, we had the opportunity to test the top model, the XJ Supersport

When David Cameron became prime minister, he ditched his trusty Lexus hybrid 4x4 and began riding around in something more befitting of our new overlord -- a Jaguar XJ .

Recently, we did the same, although we're not talking about the bog-standard car we reviewed a couple of months ago. Oh no. We're talking about the XJ Supersport -- Jaguar's quick-drivin', all-singin', big pimpin', flagship, luxury saloon.

The car is over 5m long -- that's even longer than Sarah Jessica Parker's face. The rear is understated -- classy, even -- but that front grille is so aggressive it makes Chuck Norris look like Mr Bean. There's true evil in its headlights too -- the sort of beastliness that would inspire someone to throw an innocent moggie inside a bin and leave it trapped there next to rotting bananas for hours at a time.

There's plenty of tech inside this car, too. Up front, it has an 8-inch TV display that can show two full-screen programmes simultaneously. Hit the dual-view button and half its pixel columns are angled towards the passenger and the other half towards the driver, meaning the man behind the wheel can pay attention to the sat-nav, while the passenger gets to watch Freeview TV, DivX or DVD movies.

If that's not your idea of driving pleasure, a set of wireless headphones lets the passenger listen to DVD or TV audio while the driver listens to DAB radio, WMA or MP3 files, or CD music ripped to the car's 30GB hard drive.

Listening to music in this car is an utter delight. The Supersport has a 1,200W Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 20 separate speakers. It's Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6 compatible, so you get full 7.1-channel surround sound with pretty much whatever you're playing.

We could go on for hours about this car, but perhaps the easiest way to soak up its pleasures is to hit 'play' on the video above, sit back and behold its unparalleled excellence.

Go ahead and do that, and then let us know what you reckon in the comments section below.  



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