J.D. Power gives Verizon Wireless top marks for call quality

J.D. Power releases its annual call quality survey.

It seems like only two weeks ago when we last heard from J.D. Power and Associates (Oh look, it was). Now the organization that just can't stop giving out awards has done it again with Verizon Wireless, ranking the carrier the highest among wireless providers in five regions across the United States. According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Wireless Call Quality Performance Study, Verizon did particularly well in limiting dropped calls, failed connections, and late or failed messages.

More accurately, Verizon scored highest in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and the Southwest. In the West region, Verizon actually tied with Alltel and T-Mobile for the top mark. J.D. Power claims that T-Mobile's strength lied in reducing echos and distortion, while Alltel reduced problems with late or failed messages. Seeing as Alltel was purchased by Verizon Wireless, that counts as a win in Verizon's corner too.

As for the North Central region, U.S. Cellular ranked highest, and is actually one of the best regional carriers with fewer problems than the others in regard to static or interference.

A few other tidbits were discovered in the study. More people than ever before are text messaging, with an average of 112 text messages sent per month, and even more people are using their cell phones rather than their landlines. The study was based on responses from 25,512 wireless customers from January to June 2009.

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