Ixia kicks off competitive upgrade program

Ixia has launched a "Switch to Ixia" campaign.

Ixia kicked off its "Switch to Ixia campain" by offering trade-in equipment and competitive financing solutions. Ixia

Ixia, a leading company in IP performance testing, announced a competitive upgrade program today as part of its "Switch to Ixia" campaign.

The program will last through the end of September 2008. During this time, new and existing customers from all over the world can trade equipment from Ixia's competitors, including Spirent, Agilent, and Shenick, in for Ixia's latest test equipment and applications. Or they can earn up to a 50 percent credit toward a new purchase.

Ixia also offers IxFinancing Leasing, a special financing solution that allows you to pay for Ixia products, software, and services over time with no down-payment. You'll make small monthly payments, and a $1 end-of-lease buy-out.

Ixia has been known for many IP-based network testing solutions, from Aptixia IxLoad, which can generate layer 4-7 traffic for content-aware device assessment, to ixChariot, which CNET uses to test wireless routers.

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