iWatch coming in late 2014 despite 'aggressive' recruiting

Apple is "aggressively" recruiting smart watch experts to work on the iWatch -- but it won't be ready for another year.

Apple is "aggressively" recruiting smart watch experts to work on the hotly-rumoured iWatch -- but it won't be ready until late next year.

As well as apparently confirming the smart watch, the fact Apple is hiring suggests that the iWatch presents problems that Apple's current engineering staff are struggling to solve, which is why we can't expect to see it in shops until the end of 2014.

If you allow for a second that the iPad is basically a bigger iPhone and the iPhone is basically an evolved iPod , then Apple engineers have been developing very similar products for years. The iWatch may be another screen, but wearable technology is apparently a different kettle of fish.

Still, the FT reports that with "dozens of employees" -- including the former boss of fashion label Yves Saint Laurent -- committed to the iWatch, Apple is likely to solve the problems.

Apple recently made headlines by trademarking the iWatch , although the trademark is already held by other companies in the UK, US and China.

Meanwhile rivals are getting in on the smart watch action too: Samsung has already said it's making such a watch, rumoured to be called the Samsung Gear , with Microsoft , LG and others also in the running.

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