It's a fan. It's an umbrella. It's Fanbrella

Thanko wants to keep you cool in humid summer rain with this fan-packing rain protector.


Speaking of how hot it may get in Tokyo this summer, what with power shortages and the natural humidity, leave it to the gadget elves at Thanko to come up with this baby.

Stick a fan in an umbrella and what do you get? You get Fanbrella, that's what.

It seems too simple and intuitive not to have been invented before (and of course, it has).

There's a folding mini fan attached to the shaft of the umbrella, activated by a button in the handle. A thin mesh around the fan will prevent accidental haircuts.

With three AA batteries, users can enjoy two or three hours of cool air aimed at their heads with the Fanbrella, which has a diameter of 27.6 inches and weighs 21 ounces.

It should come in handy during Japan's rainy season, which usually lasts throughout June and well into July. Days can be muggy and wet.

Fanbrella is retailing for about $49 on Thanko's site. If you live outside Japan, you can get it for $64 at Geek Stuff 4 U. What would Mary Poppins think?

(Via CrunchGear)

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