It must be glove as HTC, Samsung, Toshiba palm off same April Fools' joke

HTC, Samsung and Toshiba find glove in a hopeless place with the Gluuv, Fingers, and Digit, this year's handiest April Fools' pranks.

Smell the Gluuv HTC
The power of glove is a curious thing. If you thought there was something familiar about HTC, Samsung and Toshiba's April Fools' jokes but couldn't put your finger it, it's because those like-minded japesters handed out the same joke.

Usually it's Samsung and Apple accusing each other of copying each other, but somehow these three all came up with the hi-i-larious idea of a smartglove: the HTC Gluuv, Samsung Fingers and Toshiba Digit.

Taking gesture control to a whole new (fictional) level, the Samsung Fingers let you make a call with a thumb-and-little-finger call-me gesture. Talk to the hand mode lets people record a message when you're too busy to talk to them, while the less said about the Pull My Finger feature the better.

Designed to join hands with the HTC One M8, the HTC Gluuv lets you 'like' things you see in the real world on Facebook with a cheeky thumbs-up, or chirpse a nearby stunner by swiping right, Tinder-style.

Meanwhile if you cover your eyes with your fingers in the Toshiba Digit you get a 4K virtual reality display. Or you can pay for stuff with a wave of your gloved hand thanks to built-in contactless payment.


Even if HTC, Samsung and Tosh's smartgloves were real they still wouldn't be as cool as the factory-fresh Fujitsu NFC gauntlet, or the musical mittens worn by arm-waving pop dryad Imogen Heap, perhaps best known for elec-apella song 'Hide and Seek' as featured in The OC.

Samsung's UK operation also came up with a flight of fancy for April Fools' Day, involving pigeons wearing Wi-Fi routers to create a, wait for it... Fli-Fi network. Meanwhile Google set free a posse of Pokemon to round up on Google Maps.


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