It isn't a kitchen, it's an amusement park

Tabletop cotton candy maker turns ordinary table sugar into a sweet treat

Put your own spin on regular ol' table sugar. Hammacher Schlemmer

When was the last time you had cotton candy? In my case, I'd have to travel back to the early parts of my teenage years to reminisce about the pink and blue spun sugar treat, but if you're still a practicing fan, chances are that you still haven't had it since summer.

If you can't brave the winter chill without your cotton candy fix, then maybe you should consider putting this Tabletop Cotton Candy Maker on your holiday wish list. It spins ordinary table sugar into the cotton confection we know and love so well, and can be used by all of your house guests this season, no matter how old or young they are.

The machine works in a manner similar to its larger counterparts: adding sugar to the heating chamber liquefies it, and then it is shaped into long strands that bind together to create the cottony fluff. These can be collected on a chopstick or straw and eaten as-is or wrapped up for later. You can also add food coloring if you want theme park authenticity.

The Tabletop Cotton Candy Machine can be dismantled for easy cleaning, and it includes a handy scoop so that you know how much sugar you should add. If you want to give someone this sugar-spinner, you can order one from the Hammacher Schlemmer Web site for $69.95.

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