Is this how gamers will use Apple's iPad?

A piece of footage showing a gamer playing Warcraft III multitouch makes you imagine the possibilities for the iPad as a gaming device.

I would rather eat someone else's rain gear than play video games for 10 hours a day. But I will defend the right of everyone to play, as long as they aren't getting on my nerves on an airplane.

So while I know that many have focused their enthusiasm for Apple's new iPad on drooling over its potential as a device for consuming books and movies, below is some footage that might make gamers feel somewhat tingly, too.

I was directed to this Warcraft III videoby Cody Brown, an NYU Social Entrepreneurship undergraduate and founder of

The device here is a Multi G3 iTable from PQ Labs.

And though this might all seem very normal to you, every time I saw the man in this film punching the screen as if he was playing Whac-a-Mole, I wondered whether the iPad's build could stand such an idiosyncratically charming display of violence.

Saturo Iwata, Nintendo's president, has dismissed the idea of the iPad as a gaming device.

However, watching this mesmerizing display of digital dexterity, I wonder whether airports, doctors' waiting rooms and, who knows, Golden State Warriors games might soon be full of fingers dancing across screens like ants on coke.

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