Is the Asus N10 still a Netbook for $849?

Is the concept of a high-end luxury Netbook an oxymoron?

Is it still a Netbook at $849?

At what point does a Netbook become a regular old laptop? The upcoming Asus N10 has all the features we'd expect to see in a low-cost, low-power Netbook-style system, including a 10-inch screen and power-saving Intel Atom CPU.

The only catch is that electronics retailers are now listing the system as "coming soon," for a whopping $849. For that you get 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, Windows Vista, and even a GeForce 9300M graphics chip, which is a pretty nice setup, but that's a far cry from the predicted $486 to $630 range we heard about when the system first popped up on our radar.

So, is the concept of a high-end luxury Netbook an oxymoron? Or are you willing to pay regular laptop prices to mix more mainstream components with a Netbook's size and battery advantages?


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