Is Microsoft developing a Zune phone?

Wacky rumor of the day.

Will there be a Zune phone in December?

Wacky rumor or legitimate buzz? CrunchGear is reporting that a well-connected tipster has informed them that Microsoft is developing a "Zune phone." Allegedly, it'll be able to sync with other Microsoft devices, like the Xbox 360 and its movie download service. And it probably won't run Windows Mobile--it'll have a Zune-branded interface instead.

CrunchGear is reporting a possible December release date. It's a long way off, and any "tipsters" should be taken with a grain of salt. (Especially when dealing with Microsoft and its penchant for changing release dates around multiple times.)

Then again, some would say that this wouldn't be the first time that Microsoft has taken a cue from Apple. Just look at all the reviewers and bloggers who are talking about Vista's 3D "Aero" interface and comparing it to OS X.

Stay tuned. We're going to look into this one further.

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