Iron Mountain buys Mimosa Systems

Deal worth $112 million combines Mimosa's enterprise content archiving systems with Iron Mountain's data archiving, e-discovery, and information management systems.

Iron Mountain said Monday that it is picking up Mimosa Systems in a deal worth $112 million.

Mimosa specializes in enterprise content archiving systems. Iron Mountain focuses on data archiving, e-discovery and information management.

According to the companies, the plan is to use Mimosa's NearPoint software, which operates inside the corporate firewall to archive SharePoint data and files, to create a suite of information management services.

Iron Mountain is building an on-site and cloud-based portfolio to manage information to the point where it is destroyed.

Mimosa Systems CEO T.M. Ravi will become chief marketing officer for Iron Mountain Digital.

The original post of "Iron Mountain buys Mimosa Systems" was at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

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