Irex prepping new wireless e-book reader

One of the early e-book reader pioneers, Irex, will allegedly release a new consumer model this fall that feature an 8.1-inch screen and 3G wireless connectivity.

Rendering of Irex's new wireless touch-screen e-reader. Irex"

Just got an image of a mock-up for a new e-Reader from Irex that's due out this holiday season. Not much info on this thing but it's larger than the Kindle 2 and just-announced Sony Readers.

Here's the little we know:

  • 8.1-inch display
  • 3G wireless connectivity (no carrier announced)
  • Touch screen with stylus navigation
  • Fall 2009 release

Until now Irex, one of the early e-reader pioneers (you remember the iLiad, right?), has mainly offered more business-oriented readers that are rather pricey and sold primarily to European customers. However, this model is a consumer model that will be sold in the U.S., as well as other countries (here in the States, I suspect it will cost less than $400 and possibly less than $350). Allegedly, the unit will have a tie-in with one of the large online e-book sellers, though Irex wouldn't say which one.

At this point, it's unclear what the optimal display size will be for e-readers but some people do want screens larger than 6 inches. However, a lot of people think the Kindle DX, which sports a 9.7-inch screen, is too large. So 8.1 inches may be the happy medium.

Sony, too, is also rumored to have a larger form factor wireless Reader in the works. We hope to hear about the Sony device in the next few weeks.


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