iPod Touch firmware leak

Donald Bell finds users who are upgrading their iPod Touch firmware without paying Apple's $10 upgrade fee.

Photo of App store on iPod Touch.
If Apple wants to get $9.95 for every App Store-upgraded iPod Touch, it needs to do a better job guarding the firmware. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Thursday's leak of the free iPhone firmware update may have given Apple a little heartburn, but the iPod Touch firmware upgrade making the rounds might induce a coronary in the company's accounting division. Apple hasn't released specific sales figures on how many iPod Touch models are in circulation, but assuming the device makes up a modest slice of the 22.1 million iPods sold last year, Apple stands to lose a fair chunk of money if users find their way around paying the $10 upgrade fee.

What do you guys think? Is Apple's $10 upgrade charge for the new Touch firmware too much to ask? Any of you ethically conflicted about cheating Apple out of the fee?

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