iPod Shuffle gets new colors, better headphones

Now in four new colors, Apple's iPod Shuffle ships with the company's updated earbud headphones.

Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple's iPod Shuffle music player is now available in four new colors. The previously available silver Shuffle has now been joined by pink, green, blue, and orange models. Furthermore, iLounge reported that each Shuffle model will be packaged with the same improved earbuds that have been shipping with other iPod models for the past several months. (To date, the silver Shuffle model was shipped with Apple's older earbuds.)

Other than the color choices and headphone upgrade, it's the same entry-level second-generation iPod Shuffle that debuted in November: capacity remains at 1GB, and the price is still $79. By comparison, the multicolored iPod Nanos offer 4GB of space and include a color screen--but their $199 price tag is more than twice that of the clip-on Shuffle.

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