iPod shower adapter sorely needs a karaoke mic

I mean, really. Who doesn't like to sing in the shower?


This is a travesty. A total travesty. Gearlog has tracked down a good-looking, well-priced ($19.99) device that lets you listen to your iPod in the shower, but it's missing something. Sure, it'll keep your iPod nice and dry, and it even comes with a clock and a radio, but there's no microphone. All issues of personal hygiene aside, the only real purpose of a shower is to provide a singing venue in which tone-deafness can be slightly tempered by running water. I mean, duh, everybody knows that. And if you're enough of a music addict to install waterproof iPod speakers in your bathroom, there had better darn well be a way to enhance the repertoire with your own lovely voice.

I'm not the only one who feels this way. Brian Lam of Gizmodo agrees, naming the shower karaoke machine the nonexistent gadget he wants the most.

And on a final note, the lack of a mic in this shower iPod is particularly disturbing to us because here at Crave, we take karaoke very seriously. I'm not going to give the names of the Cravers with whom I partook in a rocking rendition of some Talking Heads classics at a karaoke bar last month, but I'll tell you this much: We're good. (No, it's not on YouTube. Sorry.)

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