iPod mutilator

Korg's new Kaoss Pad portable music effects box.

Mini Korg Kaoss Pad
A touch of evil. Korg

When pro-audio manufacturer Korg announced that they'd be making a palm-sized, battery-powered version of their long-beloved Kaoss Pad effects processor the first thing I thought of was using it as a portable iPod effects box or just having one permanently integrated into my home stereo system.

The Kaoss Pad has been a mainstay of DJs and electronic musicians for years. It's a touch pad that lets you use your fingers to apply sound effects to an incoming audio signal. If the idea of mutilating your music collection with pitch-shifting and dub delay effects sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, then the $200 price tag is more than worth it. It comes with stereo input and output, a headphone jack, and a tap-tempo feature that lets you tap in a song's tempo so that effects sync up with your music. Those with a thirst for total music annihilation may want to consider upgrading to the Kaoss Pad 3. At twice the price, the KP3 gives you a USB connection, MIDI in/out, a microphone input, a Darth Vader-worthy enclosure, and crazy, blinky disco lights.


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