iPod mail-in repair service

Blue Raven has announced a new mail-in repair service for Apple iPod and iPhone owners.

Photo of Blue Raven mail-in iPod repair kit.
Blue Raven's mail-in iPod repair kit. Is your dying iPod worth it? Blue Raven

It's a rare sight to see a functioning first or second-generation iPod out in the wild these days. If your vintage iPod's battery hasn't lost its ability to hold a charge, then there's always the chance of a failed hard drive, a broken screen, or an intermittent headphone jack. Sure, the latest crop of iPods are thinner, cheaper, and longer lasting than your bulky heirloom iPod, but if you have a soft spot for the old guy, or just resent gadget obsolescence, there's a new repair option for you.

Blue Raven, a manufacturer of DIY iPod repair kits and iPod accessories, has announced a new mail-in repair service for all models of the Apple iPod and iPhone. The mail-in service kit is available at major retailers and offers free two-way shipping of your broken iPod, along with an impressive turnaround of three business days.

Blue Raven is offering the mail-in repair kit in three flavors: a $129 kit that will repair any dead iPod regardless of what the problem turns out to be (includes battery replacement); a $59 kit that replaces any iPod's failing battery; and a $129 cracked iPhone screen kit (available in January). Each of the kits includes the free two-way shipping and a 90-day guarantee on the repair.

The services seem fairly priced, especially when you consider the convenience of just dropping your iPod or iPhone in a mailbox. The real question is, how much is your old iPod worth to you? Is that iPod Mini an heirloom, or a brick that's holding you back from a better player?

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