iPod bunny costume is a fuzzy idea

Sometimes you just have to ask why. Why does an iPod need , and why does it need a fuzzy bunny costume?

iAttire bunny
Credit: iAttire

The folks at Los Angeles-based iAttire would probably answer the latter question with a simple, "Duh, Easter is coming up." Because at iAttire, the philosophy seems to be that an iPod deserves to be suitably and adorably outfitted for any occasion--be it Halloween, Valentine's Day or Wednesday afternoon.

iAttire's Bunny is a fluffy onesy with a furry tail and pink ears. Not to worry: The iPod is totally usable while wearing its handmade bunny costume. However, if our readers' reaction to the iAttire iPod negligees is any indication, you might want to leave the rabbit getup at home when you go out in public.

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