iPod boom box offers futuristic flair

If the term "boom box" conjures up 1980s images of the clunky cassette-playing contraptions, it's time to flash forward to the 21st century.

The latest in out-loud audio for the iPod is Altec Lansing's InMotion iM7, a sleek, cylindrical almost space-age-looking boom box that incorporates any iPod with a cradle much like a tape deck.

Credit: Altec Lansing

The iM7 is larger than the typical portable speaker set, but as a result boasts features that give it some "sonic heft," according to a CNET review . You can either use the battery mode or plug it in, which will recharge your iPod as you listen. Other features include its attractive silver grill, storage slot for the remote control and modular AC adapter. Like other iPod boom boxes, the iM7 is absent an AM-FM radio, a drawback for one CNET reviewer.

The iM7 retails for about $250 and is now available through the company's Web site. It can take up to six weeks for delivery.

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