iPhone's Siri can't handle surly Scottish man

New viral video making the rounds depicts Siri's hilarious misinterpretation of a comedian's Scottish accent.

"I need a sandwich, a jammy dodger, it's just bread and jam!" Apple

Inspired by a Los Angeles Times article about Scottish people having trouble with Siri on the iPhone 4S, comedian Gavin McInnes created a parody ad that will have you rolling.

While the "commercial" starts with the familiar soul-searching music and closeup of Siri's interface in a typical Apple advert, it becomes quickly obvious after the first question that this clip is not like those other civilized parodies. McInnes asks some simple questions, but the programmers behind Siri's voice recognition obviously are not prepared for references to "chip butty," "jammy dodger," or "Caledonian 80." The results (below) are hilarious.

It is hard to tell if McInnes' Glaswegian parents approve of the repeated F-bombs strewn about the one-minute video, which we must warn you is definitely not safe for work or younger ears.

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