iPhone's keyboard is the big 'if'

If the iPhone keyboard is a nightmare, the entire iPhone may be.

The iPhone touch keyboard is a huge if. Gear Diary

As stylish as the Prada phone is, the touch screen problem I wrote about earlier hasn't gotten better. It's often frustrating.

I say this because of all these great iPhone ads we're seeing on television. When I look at the keypad displayed, I wonder if it's all going to be as simple and perfect as they make it look.

I'm skeptical. It seems as if it would be very easy to overlap onto a different key. At least on the BlackBerry, you know when it happens. It's a matter of feel. You immediately know to look and double-check.

My question is whether the iPhone will require you to visually confirm every letter you type. If it does, I think a serious number of people will be less pleased than they expected.


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