iPhone Typing Teacher Application Debuts

iPhone Typing Teacher Application Debuts

Typing Genius, newly available through the App Store, is a new typing tutor for the iPhone that includes 50 randomized exercises in 17 categories. Key statistics are provided and tracked allowing users to see how they perform in normal mode, landscape, and without auto-correction. Tips regarding hidden shortcuts are also included.

The application's developer boasts "Most iPhone or iPod Touch users type at an average rate of 30-50 CPM (characters per minute). Typing Genius can assist you in reaching an average of 100-150CPM."

A number of other typing tutor applications for the iPhone exist, but none are quite as polished as Typing Genius, in our experience. The app sports a clean interface, exercises that at least feel like they could improve typing speed and nice touches like the ability to use either landscape or portrait typing.

Typing Genius is priced at $2.

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