iPhone remote control app goes live

As expected, a downloadable application in the new iPhone apps store makes it possible for the handheld devices to be turned into remote controls for other Apple products.

You can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control with this new app. Apple

As expected, iPhone and iPod Touch owners can now use their devices as remote controls for their iTunes libraries and Apple TV boxes.

The feature is now available as a download in the new iPhone applications store, which went live on Thursday morning. With the free, one-megabyte application installed, an iPod Touch or iPhone can use a Wi-Fi connection to control and search through an iTunes library remotely, flip around on an Apple TV, and control AirTunes speakers.

Most new Apple products already come with remote-control devices that perform the same functions, but using the iPhone download conveniently renders them vestigial--if you have an iPhone, that is.

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