iPhone is apple of teens' eyes

Big shocker: teenagers would be happy to have an iPhone.

iPhone is apple of teens' eyes

A recent survey conducted by PiperJaffrey found that 85 percent of teens queried had heard of Apple's new cell phone, due to hit stores in June. And despite the $500 price tag, 25 percent said they would be willing to buy it.

The investment bank also surveyed parents on retail spending; there was no word on how many of them would agree to back the $500 commitment their children made.

Blog community response:

"While teens are likely to say anything to sound cool, this lot (sample size 500) seem to be an honest bunch; 64% admit to getting their music via P2P."

"While 25% is a fair portion of the teenage market, Apple will have to try harder to sell 10 million units by 2008. Well, at least teen iPod market share is great (can you say, 82%?)."

"As a recovering ex-teen (on the wagon for three years as of Tuesday), let me channel the psychology of a high schooler. I am told about a hip product that will elevate you among my peers. I am asked to speculate, in a consequence-free context, whether I would spend my next two McDonald's paychecks on this product. I will tell you 'sure.' And I'll probably tell you my plan to get my own car, man. Yeah, and an apartment, cause I'm sick of Mom and Dad. Totally, man, totally."

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