iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini rumors afoot

Purportedly leaked details of the next generation of Apple's most popular products include an upgraded rear camera for the reported "iPhone 5S" and a Retina screen for the next iPad Mini.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 5.
Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 5. James Martin/CNET

It's no surprise that the Apple rumor mill is already churning this year, with iLounge reporting a few tidbits today about the next iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini.

iLounge cited an unnamed source who said he or she "suspects" the reported iPhone 5S will have an upgraded rear camera featuring Sony's 13-Megapixel sensor, along with an improved processor. The source also said Apple plans to release the phone in July and that the code names for its prototypes are N51 and N53.

The source didn't have as many details on Apple's iPads. The next iPad -- iLounge calls it an iPad 5 -- has the code name of J72 and a release date of October, the source said, adding that the next iPad Mini, codenamed j85, is also scheduled for an October release. Speculators are saying the Mini won't change much, but that it will have a Retina screen -- Apple's name for a screen that squeezes in more pixels for crisper words and images.

Rumors over the next generation of Apple's most popular products started shortly after Apple announced its new line in late October.

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