iPhone gets 'new', new music

OurStage launches OurStage Radio for the iPhone.

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OurStage, a service that allows you to discover new, alternative, and underground music, has launched a version of its service for the iPhone. OurStage Radio for the iPhone can be found now at the App Store for free.

We've covered OurStage before and so far, the iPhone app just seems like a mobile version of its site/service.

Users are able to select different music, categorized in a surprising number of genres, like hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, and rap. There's also a Guitar Solo genre that actually has a huge number of artists available. Once you've listened, you'll be able to rate songs with a thumbs up/thumbs down system. As you start to develop your favorites, OurStage will purportedly create a personalized "recommended" list for you that other users will be able to access.

The interface is intuitive and there are tons of options for different types of music, but the app seems buggy. There was a definite lag, and the app crashed three times in a row when trying to launch it. It could be my connection here at CNET, but other apps that require an Internet connection were not exhibiting these problems.

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