iPhone: EDGE vs. Wi-Fi test results

CNET Lab results reveal difference in iPhone download speeds using EDGE and Wi-Fi networks.

Photo of iPhone running Safari web browser.
Guess what? EDGE sucks. Corinne Schulze / CNET

After two days of timing and comparing the iPhone's download speed between AT&T's EDGE network and Wi-Fi, our CNET Lab has just released its official results.

EDGE averaged a download time of 15.69 minutes for a 9.4MB file, while Wi-Fi required a mere 1.18 minutes. In the end, our test results indicate that the iPhone's Wi-Fi connection is about 13 times faster than using EDGE.

Tests were run at different points throughout the day to account for changes in network bandwidth, and the iPhone was reformatted after each download to ensure that Safari's browser cache wouldn't skew results. Still, there are a lot of network-dependent variables for both EDGE and Wi-Fi that can affect download speed. We did our best to be thorough, but your results may vary.

Anyone had a surprisingly good experience using EDGE?



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