2009 > 2007 apparently.

This came to the Macalope inbox (which, oddly, is also brown and furry) just before Macworld Expo and he didn't have time to get to it then but it's still so funny it's worth noting (tip o' the antlers to Aymerik Renard).

Did you know that the iPhone is doomed to failure? Well, it's true.

The reason? Well, it seems that just as rock crushes scissors, Microsoft's plans for Windows Mobile 7 (due in 2009... or sometime thereafter... you know, when they get to it) totally beat the crap out of the 2007 iPhone! Don't believe the Macalope? Well, it's right there in black and white, mister. Would "the independent voice of Microsoft customers" lie to you?

It's amazing how future Microsoft products beat current Apple products time and time again, isn't it? You'd think Apple would have just given up by now.

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