iPhone document reveals little

Internal Cingular/AT&T document doesn't tell us much beyond what we know already.

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When it comes to Apple's iPhone it appears that the more we know, the less we know. Engadget was able to get its techy hands on a Q&A document sent to Cingular/AT&T employees. We can't confirm whether it's legit, but it almost reads like a script for an episode of TV's Lost. In other words, it tells us more of what we knew already while throwing us only the occasional bone. Meanwhile, the main details (such as an exact release date) remain wrapped in secrecy.

Still, there are a couple of items worth mentioning. The carrier will offer no subsidies on the handset (hence the $499 for the cheapest model) and both new and current customers will pay the same price. Also, it appears that customers off their contracts will have to sign a new two-year agreement and that only certain rate plans will be eligible. The document also says that the iPhone is just the first in a series of "revolutionary new wireless" products being developed by Apple and the carrier.

And in other iPhone news, Apple dropped a couple other tidbits during its Q1 earnings call. The company sidestepped a question asking whether the iPhone will be widely available in June by stating that it can't yet predict demand for the device. Also, Apple wouldn't say how many iPhones it would release in June and that it will develop new apps and software for the handset. Read more at tuaw.com.

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